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Seafood lovers are an amiable lot. But when it comes to the issue of which variety of live lobster they prefer, the arguments can rage like a war between two soldier crabs fighting for shelter in the same shell. If you're from the "New England Lobster School," click here to get the highest quality New England live lobster available on the Net. If you're a devotee of the "Spiny Lobster," let the Celebration begin!

FARM 2 MARKET is the only way to get live Spiny Lobsters delivered overnight. The Spiny Lobster is a close cousin to the freshwater crawfish, probably evolving into a distinct species along the time of the Ice Age. Behaviorists research this connection in hopes of explaining a unique marine phenomenon called "The March of the Spinys." In early October, usually after a period of prolonged storminess, there is a mass migration involving thousands of Spiny Lobsters traveling along the ocean bottom single-file in a chain formation. Though "Spinys" are nocturnal, this march occurs in broad daylight, and apparently is not connected with reproduction since mating takes place in the summer. To date, there is no scientific explanation for this procession.

The most obvious characteristic of the Spiny Lobster that distinguishes it from the traditional New England cousin is the absence of claws. Spiny Lobster lovers take comfort in knowing that their beloved beauty has a much larger tail. Most "Spinys" enter the U.S. market from the Caribbean or South Africa, and it is impossible to ship them live. "Spiny" fans know the texture and flavor of lobster is best appreciated when cooked LIVE, but have been forced to make do with inferior frozen tails. Now all that has changed. From October to mid-March, FARM 2 MARKET ships LIVE Spiny Lobsters of the genus Panulirus Interruptus directly from Santa Ynez, California.

The Pacific variety is harvested from cool waters up to 240 feet deep, lovingly packed from our friends in Southern California, and then shipped overnight squirmingly alive to F2M customers. Previously unavailable anywhere but on your own boat, live Spiny Lobster has a firm texture and delightful taste that will be the pride of any chef.

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