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The unique FARM 2 MARKET system now makes it possible to ship live diver scallops with outstanding results.

BE WARNED: Live Diver Scallops are extra work and must be opened and cleaned. BE HAPPY: They're worth it.

In season, we ship Live-in-the-Shell Scallops directly from the renowned Taylor Marine farm. This "scallop ranch" grows tiny Bay Scallops suspended from rafts moored in the Nantucket Sound. Two generations of Taylors have bred a sweet and beautiful Bay Scallop. With shells measuring between 3 and 4 inches, about half still have the treasured scallop-roe attached. If you've never eaten a live scallop, prepare yourself for a memorable experience.

Get Live Diver Scallops from F2M

Weather permitting, F2M also offers Giant Live-in-the-Shell Sea Scallops. Intrepid S.C.U.B.A. divers work the coves and inlets of the New England coast where fishing boats fear to travel and harvest these nearly Frisbee-sized Live Sea scallops-in-the-shell. Prized by Oriental and European kitchens for centuries, their unparalleled flavor is startlingly delicious.

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