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Shipped and delivered both live and in frozen soft-shell form, these “crawdads” are loved well beyond those famous Cajun cookouts in the Louisiana Bayou.

Crawfish are the rarest of seafood: admired by the refined palate of the gourmand, they’re just as comfortable as the star of a cajun crawfish boil — down in Louisiana, of course.

With Louisiana being the spiritual home of the crawfish, its Red Swamp variety is the most well-known in America. But there’s a catch — the Red Swamp season is painfully short.

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So, rather than make you go without, we’ve found two stunning alternatives to the famous Red Swamp that can easily compete for the palate of any crawdad lover — giving you that clean, sweet flavor only fresh, well-caught crawfish can offer.

Live Pacific Green Signal Crawfish
Live Pacific Green Signal Crawfish
The green “Signal” crawfish is the rarest species of crawfish in North America.