Sea Scallops Near You

Untreated, fresh scallops shipped direct from the best scallop-producing bay in the world — New Bedford, Mass. — these are all-natural, delicate gems.

Most sea scallops are chemically “soaked” — the seafood equivalent to adding unnecessary preservatives to fresh food in order to prolong expiry dates and improve aesthetics. But make no mistake — fresh is unquestionably superior.

Farm 2 Market ships its bay & sea scallops direct from New Bedford, Mass. Bought at auction, at the same classic, port-side market that’s been held for well over a century, these are untreated, wonderfully delicate fresh sea scallops near you.

And for those special customers willing to go that extra mile for a truly unique taste, Farm 2 Market has sourced an incredible “scallop ranch” for a rare treat: Live-in-the-Shell scallops. It’s just not possible to get these in a store — only by shipping fresh scallops immediately at harvest can you get the one-of-a-kind experience that comes from eating a live scallop.




Fresh Giant Sea Scallops
Fresh Giant Sea Scallops
Called "Divers Scallops" as they are often produced by divers, these monster-sized scallops will be larger...