Fresh Market Foie Gras

Prized for its rich, velvety taste, fresh market Foie Gras is the quintessential French delicacy, served as a pate, terrine, or often with a fruit garnish.

Foie Gras is the liver of a Duck or Goose which has been specially fattened. Along with Caviar and Truffles, Foie Gras is one of the glories of French Cuisine. Simply prepared by sautéing, whipped into a Mousse, garnishing Kobe Beef or poached in a Terrine, Foie Gras is the summit of the culinary experience.

Literally “fat liver,” the earliest mention of Foie Gras has been found in Egyptian papyrus dating to 2500 BC. Until the 1980’s importation of fresh Foie Gras was illegal into the United States. Now there are a few small American producers, mainly in New York’s Hudson Valley. Our partners there provide the experience of fresh Foie Gras at a fraction of the imported cost.

American Foie Gras arrives at your kitchen in a number of different forms, all sealed in plastic cryovac packages. Available as prepared slices and Patés or fresh raw whole lobes, Farm 2 Market’s Fresh Market Foie Gras is sent to you within days of harvest. This provides you with an impeccably fresh product unavailable at any cost — until recently.

And with our recipes below, you can produce in your kitchen a level of culinary wizardry once only available in the most expensive restaurants in the United States. As always, if you start with the best ingredients, you will end up with the best cuisine.

Fresh Market Foie Gras was once reserved for grand occasions only. It is traditional in France to serve a fresh Terrine on an important anniversary or birthday. Now you can choose the occasion to make grand. Choose to eat well, and order Farm 2 Market’s American Foie Gras today.


Foie Gras Grade "A"
Foie Gras Grade "A"
Foie Gras at it's best! Ultra rich in flavor. Large, firm, beautiful lobes that renders very little fat...