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No seafood conveys luxury and indulgence more than live lobster. The very ritual of eating lobsters, cracking the shell and searching for elusive tiny treasures of meat, evokes an Epicurean sensuality to be shared only with friends and lovers. Historically this was not always the case. Colonists settling in New England viewed their abundant local lobster as a scourge. As late as the 1880's fishermen only used lobster as bait. North American Homarus Americanus ranges from the northern Maritime provinces of Canada all the way down to the Carolina coast. There is very little waste in lobster. Delicately sweet and delicious white meat is located in the tail, arms and claws. Contrary to popular belief, sizes up to seven pounds are just as tender as smaller lobsters. Our lobster ship directly from state of art tanks across the U.S. ensuring the absolute best quality and most alive when shipped

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