15 Reasons Why Seafood Lovers Are Switching to Online Markets: Part Two

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15 Reasons Why Seafood Lovers Are Switching to Online Markets: Part Two

Online seafood shopping is taking the world by storm, and Farm-2-Market is by far the best place to buy seafood in North America. The key is to know where to order seafood online and what the benefits are.

Here, we continue with part two of our list of reasons why online seafood markets have become such a valuable resource. If you missed part one of our series, make sure you check it out on our blog!

15 Reasons to Order Seafood Online: Part Two

1. Sustainability

Harvesting seafood can result in serious consequences if it is not done responsibly. At Farm-2-Market, we ship our products in recyclable polystyrene containers and pack them using reusable gel packs to reduce waste. We also source our products using sustainable methods recommended by regulatory bodies such as The Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

2. Restaurant quality
Farm-2-Market started out as a resource for top-rated restaurants. When you order seafood from our online market, you gain access to premium seafood used by the country’s top chefs.

3. Unique finds

By collaborating with fishermen all over North America, we can access some of the most exclusive products on the market. Seafood enthusiasts can have rare products like our live Pacific spiny lobsters shipped right to their door.

4. 24/7 shopping

Unlike a traditional seafood market, ordering seafood online offers the benefit of shopping anywhere, any time. We can have seafood at your front door by the time you wake up tomorrow.

 5. Shop premium meats

If you are planning a decadent meal such as a surf and turf which incorporates both steak and seafood, Farm-2-Market is the perfect one-stop-shop! We offer some of the highest quality meats in the country.

6. Seafood for any budget

 Due to our expansive selection, we are able to offer products that drastically range in price depending on origin and availability. No matter what your budget is, we have something for you!

7. Shop by weight

When you order fresh seafood like lobster or crab online, you want to make sure you get the right size of products for your money. Our customers can buy seafood based on weight, and we will ensure your order matches your specifications.

8.Safe for up to 24 hours

If your order is delayed or shipped to the wrong address, not to worry. Our shipping containers ensure our products stay fresh for up to 24 hours.

Contact us today to learn more about our excellent fresh seafood selection and get overnight delivery on our fresh and never frozen products.