Smoked Salmon Sampler

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We have a saying here at Farm 2 Market: “If it’s not nice enough to take home to your Mom, don’t sell it.” Through one of our favored suppliers, Costarella Seafoods of San Francisco, we have sourced a fabulous line of smoked seafood. These products ARE good enough to take home to our Moms: consistent, high quality, and all natural.

Each “Smoked Salmon Sampler” contains the following:

-4 ounces of Wild Alaskan Sockeye smoked salmon

This is the first and only time we have seen Wild Sockeye salmon smoked in the lox style: thin slices of silky smooth, full flavored, delicately smoked salmon. Smoked with all natural hardwoods, these Sockeye have such a short season, they can only be bought at their peak of freshness.

-4 ounces of Nova smoked salmon

This is the smoked salmon designed specifically for a bagel. Fatty and moist, not oily but with a subtle smoked flavor. Perfect with cream cheese and the Sunday paper.

-4 ounces of Pesto Flavored smoked salmon

Imagine a fine smoked salmon, crusted in Pesto. Each silky slice, is surrounded by a mixture of basil, garlic and aged Romano cheese. All natural hardwood smoked salmon, with the gusto flavor of Pesto, is a combination made in “Smoked Seafood Lover’s” heaven. Perfect as a first course for the Holidays.

-4 ounces of Gravlax style salmon

Cured rather than smoked, this style imbeds a mixture of salt, sugar and dill directly into the salmon flesh. Subtly different than smoking, this style produces an exotic texture and sweetness that is guaranteed to delight and amaze.

PLUS each “Smoked Salmon Sampler” will include, absolutely FREE of charge, a quarter pound of “Smoked Salmon Nuggets.” A modern analog to the “Squaw Candy” produced by Native Americans in Alaska for centuries, these nuggets of fine smoked salmon are marinated in brown sugar. This unique combination of sweet and briny, is the perfect compliment for pre-dinner cocktails.

Much of the “smoked seafood” in the market is NOT nice enough to take home to our Moms. It’s inconsistent. One time delicious, and the next time terrible. It often uses the worst raw material, as smokers try to buy their fish at fire sale prices. The fishermen realize that most smokers won’t pay a premium price for high quality fish, so they only sell them the “tired” fish which has been sitting in the cooler for too long. Most of the commercially smoked fish isn’t produced with “smoke” at all, but uses a chemical, referred to in the trade as “Liquid smoke,” that simulates the woodsy flavor of smoke without using any real wood in the process. So what’s a “smoked fish” lover to do? Farm 2 Market to the rescue! Our “Smoked Salmon Sampler” contains 1.25 lbs of smoked salmon for only $49.95. If you could even find smoked salmon of this quality at your local retailer, it would cost more than $80 per pound. Each variety is separately packaged in a sealed container that will be shelf stable in your fridge for 7-10 days.

With holiday entertaining just around the corner, here is a flexible and affordable first course, that can be served in the time it takes to arrange it on a platter. Savor the Farm 2 Market difference, and order our “Smoked Salmon Sampler” now.

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