4 Things to Consider When Buying Fresh Seafood

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4 Things to Consider When Buying Fresh Seafood

There is nothing like a fresh seafood dish to steal the show at your next dinner party. Our team at Farm-2-Market have provided a list of things to consider the next time you are shopping for seafood, which will ensure you go home with fresh, high-quality products.

  1. Buying from a fellow fresh seafood lover

Fresh seafood is a unique product. Buying from a fishmonger who appreciates quality seafood will help you get the best cuts of meat and identify the most impressive products on that particular day. Regardless of where you buy your seafood, talk to the person behind the counter and get their assistance when choosing your products.

  1. Planning meals around available seafood options

Fresh seafood is unlike other meats in that it can vary in taste depending on the way it is acquired, the weather conditions, and the fishing location. By talking to your fishmonger and exploring your options for fresh nearby seafood before planning your meals, you will have a much better chance of preparing a high-quality meal at the peak of freshness.

  1. Benefits of buying a whole fish

Taking a whole fish home can seem intimidating, however, shoppers will have a few advantages when buying whole as opposed to a filleted product. For example, it will be much easier to assess the fish for quality and freshness when it is in its complete form. A high-quality fish should have plump eyes, no dents or discoloration, and a coating of slime, indicating that it has come fresh from the sea. A whole fish will also stay fresh for longer than a fillet as it is not able to oxidize.

  1. The importance of filleting

Shoppers should not only ask themselves ‘where can I find fresh seafood near me?’ but also, ‘how has the seafood been filleted?’ Fishmongers who wash the fish before or after filleting will extract oils that allow the fish to maintain its flavor and freshness. Ensure that your fishmonger is using a dry approach when cutting the meat and wrapping the fish in paper so that the flesh does not oxidize and lose flavor.

A fish that is filleted close to the time of consumption will also have the freshest taste. If you are interested in filleting your fish, a good starting point can be to have your fishmonger gut and scale the fish so that it is ready to be filleted without creating a mess at home.

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