A Guide to Shucking Blue Point Oysters

A Guide to Shucking Blue Point Oysters

The idea of shucking oysters at home can be intimidating, even for those who consider themselves to be oyster connoisseurs. Blue Point oysters are a popular choice for oyster lovers and should be carefully prepared with the appropriate tools.

The oyster experts at Farm-2-Market have provided a four-step guide on how to buy and shuck Blue Point oysters at home for your friends and family to enjoy.

Four Steps to Shucking Blue Point Oysters

  1. Buy the real thing

Oysters vary in flavor based on the region in which they are planted and cultivated. If you are on the hunt for the notoriously sweet and salty taste of Blue Point oysters, ensure that they are harvested in Great South Bay in Long Island. Many oyster distributors will broadly classify their products as "Blue Point" oysters when they are in fact from other areas in the North Atlantic.

  1. Keep your oysters cold

Fishmongers will keep unopened oysters on ice to keep them cold enough so that they do not open unexpectedly. Make sure you have a plan for transporting your Blue Point oysters to your home. Consider keeping them in a container packed with ice during the drive home.

  1. Prepare with the proper tools

You should never struggle to pry open a Blue Point oyster. With a proper shucking knife, you will be able to slide it into the back section of the oyster, and gently move the knife around until the shell begins to part. Always prepare with a small towel to lay underneath your oysters, which will prevent it from moving around and will catch any juices that may come out.

Pro tip: Always hold your Blue Point oyster flat when shucking so that you do not lose any of the flavorful juices once it is opened.

  1. Serve in a variety of ways

Although there are many options for oyster recipes, Blue Point oysters are most commonly served raw, as they are known to have a natural salty, and sweet flavor. All brands of oysters can simply be served on the half shell with no additions; however, many oyster lovers opt for a squeeze of lemon, or a fresh mignonette, cocktail, or hot sauce.

Pro tip: Everyone has their way of eating raw oysters and having a selection of toppings laid out is a fun way to serve this decadent treat at a dinner party.

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