Blue Point Oysters: Available, But Never Ordinary

Blue Point Oysters -

Blue Point Oysters: Available, But Never Ordinary

You’ve seen them on menus all over the United States, and they never fail to provide that signature salty, mouthwatering flavor. Blue Point oysters are one of the most frequently harvested and widely available oyster species for a number of reasons. But even so, they are some of the most decadent, extraordinary seafood items in the world.

At Farm-2-Market, we harvest our Blue Point oysters on a daily basis, offering our customers connoisseur-quality products. Continue reading to learn why we never tire of these incredible mollusks.

Why Blue Point Oysters Are Both Abundant and Highly Regarded

  • Blue Points have been farmed for centuries

Although Blue Point Oysters originally come from Long Island Sound in Connecticut, they are now farmed all over the East Coast as a result of improved harvesting practices. Oyster farmers carefully prepare a seabed for the fresh shells during the summer and proceed to harvest them several years later. For this reason, Blue Point oysters can be harvested at almost any time of the year unlike other species such as Belon oysters, which must be in season in order to harvest them. At Farm-2-Market, we get our Blue Points straight from the source, off the coast of Long Island.

  • Bivalves absorb nutrition from their surroundings

All oysters are characterized as bivalves, which describes their hard shell, protecting the soft-bodied oyster from large particles in the sea. However, small amounts of water can still pass through the clamped shell, allowing the Blue Point oyster to absorb nutrients from the Long Island Sound water, giving them their unique taste and texture. The result is a briny, mildly salty taste and a small, tender oyster. Oysters originating from other parts of the East Coast such as P.E.I.’s Raspberry Point often have more of a sweet finish due to the variety of nutrients in different regions of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • One of the most versatile species

Unlike other oyster species such as the full-bodied Olympia Oysters, Blue Points are mild enough in flavor that they make the perfect base for a variety of sauces and accompaniments. They can also be transformed into many different dishes using our excellent oyster recipes, or used as a starting point for those who are new to raw shellfish.

At Farm-2-Market, we harvest our oysters daily and deliver them to your door overnight in safe packaging. Contact us today to order top-quality Blue Point oysters!