Five Things You Didn’t Know About Alaskan King Crabs

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Alaskan King Crabs

King crab is one of the most decadent seafood items that money can buy; however, most people do not know much about the species itself. At Farm-2-Market, we offer live Alaskan king crab for sale from top sources.

Have you ever wondered what makes these creatures so amazing? Below we have listed our top 5 most interesting Alaskan king crab facts.

5 Interesting Facts About Alaskan King Crabs

1. Alaskan king crabs live off of a variety of sea creatures

Before the king crab is fully grown, it consumes smaller types of crab along with phytoplankton and other sea creatures to reach its full size. Once the Alaskan king crab reaches adulthood, it preys on clams, mussels, worms, parts of various fish, and other larger creatures.

2. They do not stray far from the shore

Depending on the breed, the majority of king crabs live in fairly shallow waters, no further than 200 feet offshore. Golden king crabs are the only exception, as they can survive in as deep as 1,600 feet of water. It is no surprise that these creatures stay close to shore as they breed from January till June, and rarely spawn in water that is deeper than 150 feet.

3. King crabs stimulate the Alaskan economy

Fishing is one of Alaska’s primary industries, with the Alaskan king crab as one of their most valued exports. Without the fishing industry, thousands of Alaskans would lose their jobs and the state would lose approximately 1% of their GDP.

4. Global warming is destroying the species’ habitat

The Bering Sea is positioned along the West coast of Alaska, containing more than 50% of the fish that is sold in the United States. The Bering Sea is where king crabs are harvested in both Russia and Alaska. Unfortunately, global warming has had a major impact on the temperature of the sea, causing a large portion of the species to die off.

5. Live Alaskan king crab is becoming more common in the U.S.

Originally, it was not worth the shipping costs for U.S. seafood markets to fly live Alaskan king crabs in on a large scale. For this reason, the majority of these products were delivered to East Asia for consumption. However, with increasing demand for these decadent crustaceans, we have seen much more live king crab for sale in the U.S. in recent years.

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