How to Buy the Right Lobster Pot for Cooking

How to Buy the Right Lobster Pot for Cooking

Choosing the right pot to cook your next lobster meal isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why our team at FARM-2-MARKET has prepared this guide to help you find the best pot so you can cook your lobster the right way.

Should I Pick Aluminum or Steel?

The first thing you need to figure out is if you want to buy a steel or aluminum pot. Aluminum pots tend to be lightweight (which is great for some people) and they tend to boil lobster and water very quickly. If you are on a budget, aluminum may be the way to go as these pots are cheaper than their steel counterparts. Now, be aware that like all aluminum, it can wear over time, and you will notice blackening on the bottom and around the outside of your pot. Steel on the other hand will not show any tarnish and is extremely durable. If your budget allows it, go for the steel – but there is nothing wrong with choosing aluminum either.

How Much Are You Planning on Cooking?

Now that you know the type of pot you are buying; the next step is knowing the size you should get. If you have a big family, you may need something large like a 20-quart pot. These pots can boil and cook up to 6 lobsters at a time. If you are only cooking for one or two people, there is no need to get something that large. A normal 4-5-quart pot can boil two sized lobster no problem.

Just be sure not to get a pot that is too small as you want to avoid overloading the pot as the lobster will not cook as well/properly in some cases.

How Will You Cook Your Lobster?

How you cook it depends on how much time you have and who you ask. Boiling a lobster is the faster option and can be great if you are cooking 4 or more lobsters for a meal. While some will tell you boiling is the way to go, others swear by steaming. Steaming can sometimes produce more flavorful and softer lobster meat. But as mentioned, steaming does take longer and isn't ideal if you are trying to cook multiple lobsters in a certain timeframe.

Whatever method you choose, don't forget to take off the rubber bands off the lobster’s claws before putting them in to cook.

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