How to Handle Live Dungeness Crab

How to Handle Live Dungeness Crab

Although live Dungeness crab is one of the most highly sought-after fresh seafood items in the world, it has not always been easy to come by. For this reason, many seafood enthusiasts do not have the experience needed to prepare live crab, and ensure it is safe to eat.

At Farm-2-Market, we are shipping live Dungeness crab from some of the most renowned fishing regions in the world including Alaska and Florida. Our seafood is delivered straight from our producers to your front door in safe containers, meaning our customers have year-round access to fresh crab. Continue reading to learn a few tips on safely preparing live Dungeness crab.

How to Handle Live Dungeness Crab

Keep the crab alive before preparing it

The reason why crustaceans such as lobster and Dungeness crab are best purchased live is because they must be cooked immediately after the crustacean is dead. Once dead, the crab’s liver begins to release enzymes, which soften and destroy the remaining meat. Attempting to cook crab, which has been dead for more than an hour can be highly dangerous.

Fortunately, keeping a crab alive is fairly straightforward. Live crustaceans should be stored in a cool, aerated environment such as a cooler, and kept damp using a wet towel and a pool of salt water. The salt water allows the crabs to breathe, and it should be enough to keep them alive for up to 8 hours.

Consider boiling the crabs in advance

The benefit of cooking your live Dungeness crab immediately is that you can avoid the stress of keeping your crabs alive. These crustaceans will stay fresh for up to three days in the refrigerator once cooked. Of course, there is nothing like freshly cooked crab, but boiling it as soon as you receive your delivery will give you peace of mind knowing the crab is safe to eat. If you do not have experience cooking live crab, we also offer some of the best pre-cooked claws and king crab legs in the world.

Buy from a top-rated seafood market

At Farm-2-Market, we guarantee the highest quality seafood sourced from some of the most celebrated fishing and harvesting regions in the world. Our bespoke distribution system makes it easy to have your favorite seafood delivered straight from our carefully selected producers to your door in a matter of hours. Contact us today to place your order for live Dungeness crab!