How to Prepare the Perfect Shrimp

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How to Prepare the Perfect Shrimp

In nearly every culture, shrimp and prawns are highlighted in a variety of unique dishes. With countless recipes, flavor combinations, and cooking methods used to prepare these crustaceans, home cooks often struggle to determine the best way to prepare their shrimp.

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Tips for Preparing Shrimp

  • Don’t remove the shell right away

While it is entirely up to the individual whether or not to remove the shrimp’s shell before cooking it, we recommend leaving the shells on until you have decided on your cooking method. If you plan on grilling your shrimp, you may want to leave the shells on to preserve the natural juices and flavor.

  • Remove the heads

Unless you intend to achieve a dramatic visual effect in your seafood dish, there is no reason why you need to leave the heads on your shrimp. In fact, removing the heads is an important part of cleaning the shrimp. When you buy fresh heads-on shrimp from our website, you can remove the heads by simply holding onto the body and twisting them off, or pinching the heads until they are disconnected.

  • Cooking methods

Shrimp can be broiled, grilled, baked, pan-fried, poached, or cooked in a variety of other ways. Given their small size, most cooking methods do not take much time, making them a quick and easy option for an appetizer or main dish. We recommend exploring shrimp’s versatility by trying a range of different shrimp recipes.

  • Garnish accordingly

There is a variety of typical garnishes, sauces, and spices that will help you get the most flavor out of fresh shrimp. Some of the most common sauces, flavors, and spices include things like garlic, black pepper, creole seasoning, butter, and more. Of course, let’s not forget the classic shrimp cocktail as well, which is made with cocktail sauce and served in a martini glass with a wedge of lemon.

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