How to Select Fresh Seafood Near You

Seafood is fragile and can be subject to rapid temperature change, often making it difficult to find local, high-quality seafood. But don’t despair!

To help prevent you from wasting money on a spoiled or sub-par product, let’s look at the process of choosing fresh seafood near you.

Keep an Open Mind

In choosing seafood recipes, you should note that the time in the season can impact the availability of the product. Availability depends upon ocean temperatures, lifecycle, and migratory patterns. You may find that your first seafood choice is not an option.

Make sure that you keep an open mind when selecting fresh seafood near you. Look for similar alternatives to the product to ensure you retain full value for your money.

Frozen Seafood May Be the Only Option

While most prefer fresh seafood to frozen selections, in some cases frozen seafood may be the only option. For example, if you’re buying deepwater scampi, the product will likely be frozen. Remember, however, that frozen seafood still deteriorates.

The shelf life for most frozen seafood is about two months, so your fish/seafood should be consumed within that timeframe for optimal food safety.

Make Use of Your Senses if Shopping at the Market

When shopping at the market or from your local fishmonger, you should make use of your senses to determine the freshness of the seafood. Look at the fish and take in the smell of the fish. You’ll instantly know when fresh fish is past its best as it will have a rotten smell.

You might also see that there’s a layer that’s changed color on the outside, which indicates it isn’t as fresh as it should be.

Buy Whole Fish When Possible

Unless you’re buying meat from a larger fish such as tuna or swordfish, you should try to buy the whole fish. Buying the whole fish is the best way to ensure freshness for a longer time. High-quality whole fish will smell like the sea and have notes of sweetness and butter. There should be a constant covering of scales and no bruising.

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