How to Shuck Blue Point Oysters

Blue Point oysters are a delicious addition to any home-cooked meal. But many people find it difficult to shuck the oysters during preparation.

Our team at FARM-2-MARKET has extensive experience preparing high-quality Blue Point oysters, so let’s look at how to shuck them and enjoy a tantalizing meal.

What are Blue Point Oysters?

Before we move into the shucking process, we should explain a little more about Blue Point oysters and their origin. The term “Blue Point” sometimes refers to any oysters from the North Atlantic. But true Blue Point oysters are raised in Long Island’s Great South Bay. Other oysters, such as the New Jersey Blue Points have the same genus and are similar in taste.

How to Shuck Blue Point Oysters

First, before you begin the shucking process, you’ll need a sturdy, sharp knife. You should also have a dish-towel handy and a protective glove.

Start the shucking process by placing the oyster in the towel. Use your gloved hand to hold a part of the towel over the oyster while holding the oyster down on a flat surface. You’ll notice that at the back of the oyster, there’s a natural hinge. Now, use your other hand to hold the knife and work the edge of the knife into the hinge. Slowly, you’ll be able to get enough of the knife in that you can begin to wiggle the entire knife.

Start slowly wiggling the knife and the Blue Point will begin to crack open. When you have enough of your knife in and the Blue Point has opened slightly, start running the knife along the top of the shell. Be careful to avoid the bottom of the shell, as the oyster is attached at the bottom and you don’t want to run the knife right through it.

Next, cut just below the bottom of the oyster slowly, and sever its attachment to the shell. When you pick up the shell, cup the shell in your hand so the brine doesn’t slip out.

Now your delicious Blue Points are ready to prepare or serve as you wish. 

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