Looking for Diver Scallops for Sale? We Have You Covered!

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Looking for Diver Scallops for Sale? We Have You Covered!

Fresh scallops are always a favorite delicacy due to their excellent taste and nutrition. Finding diver scallops for sale isn't always easy, as these scallops are harvested by actual divers instead of using nets. This method of harvesting is more eco-friendly, but it also labor-intensive. FARM-2-MARKET can help you find diver scallops for sale, as we guarantee all of our seafood is fresh on arrival.

Here are a few simple tips on how to freeze fresh scallops to ensure you can enjoy this delicious seafood for a much longer time.

Use a Moisture-Resistant Wrap

One of the first steps in storing fresh scallops in a freezer is to use a moisture-resistant wrap. You can also use a freezer bag, as it is important to freeze the scallops if you are unable to eat the entire order within a couple of days. Using a vacuum sealer is also an effective way to keep your scallops fresh, as it is a good idea to double-wrap them.

Don't Forget to Label the Date

Another important tip is to always label and date the wrapping, as scallops can be stored up to two months in the freezer. Checking the freezer temperature is also a good idea, as it is recommended to set your temperature on your freezer at 0°F for the best results.

Thaw Scallops

Scallops are easy to thaw from the freezer, as you only need to place them in the refrigerator for one day. Afterward, you can enjoy the taste of fresh scallops with your friends and family for a truly delicious meal. 

Contact FARM-2-MARKET if You are Looking for Diver Scallops for Sale

FARM-2-MARKET offers fresh diver scallops for sale, as we understand the importance of providing top-quality seafood shipped directly from New Bedford, Massachusetts. You will never have to worry about any added preservatives that are often found in most supermarkets. These fresh scallops always taste the best, as they are shipped immediately upon harvest to ensure they retain their delicious flavor. We also specialize in a wide range of seafood, such as shrimp, oysters, crab, lobster, caviar, and much more. You can also order fresh fish, such as salmon, striped bass, tuna, and trout.

Feel free to reach out to FARM-2-MARKET at any time to learn more about our delivery services and order fresh diver scallops for sale!