The Guide to Crab – What Are the Differences?

Guide to Crab -

The Guide to Crab – What Are the Differences?

Most people don’t realize that there several thousand different types of crab species living around the world. With that being said, only a few of those types of crabs will make it onto our dinner plates. That is why crab is so popular and considered such a delicacy (also because they taste amazing). Whether you like just the legs or the whole crab, there are different characteristics, sizes, and flavors to each.

At Farm-2-Market we’re proud to be able to offer you several different types of crabs to choose from. So, we decided to create this crab guide that highlights some of the different types of crab and what makes them so delicious.

  • Dungeness Crab

Getting its name from a small fishing village in Washing state, this Pacific water crab can be found in Alaska and all the way down to California – it is the most popular crab of the Pacific variety. The Dungeness crab can grow to as large as 10 inches or more and can weigh up to 2 pounds. November up until June is the peak season to find this sweet tasting crab.

  • King Crab

King crabs can be divided up into three types of species, brown, blue, and red (depending on the region they are from). In Alaska, King crab is a very important and valuable species that brings in a lot of revenue to locals and the state.

Weighing in at 8 to 10 pounds they are called King crab for their obvious big size. When people think of crab legs, it's King crabs that they want as they are the most popular and tasty.

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