The Questions to Review Before Buying Fresh Seafood Near You

The Questions to Review Before Buying Fresh Seafood Near You

San Francisco and the local Bay area is known for its exceptional seafood. You can find any type of fish or seafood dish in the local region. But as a restaurant owner, you want to make sure that you’re buying the highest quality product for your patrons.

Let’s explore the questions to remember when buying fresh seafood near you.

What’s the Origin?

Where did the seafood come from and what was the process it went through before being delivered to your restaurant? This is a key consideration to make. Some companies don’t take the proper precautions when transporting and storing seafood. This could mean that the dish is past its best when it reaches the patron’s plate.

You should also ensure the seafood you’re buying is exactly as described by the supplier. Find out about their sourcing practices. For example, if you’re buying Blue Point oysters, make sure the product fits the industry description.

What’s the Timeline for Delivery?

If you’re running a busy restaurant, you require fresh seafood delivered from sources near you on a strict timeline. Speak with the supplier about their delivery timelines and whether they can guarantee the product according to your schedule. When discussing delivery to your restaurant, ask about the delivery cost and whether it’s included in the product’s price.

How Much Can We Buy?

Depending on the product, there may be limits about how much you can buy each time. This is to stop companies from over-fishing and to protect species with limited numbers in the local region.

Find out how much you can buy for your restaurant and ensure that you have enough stock to meet the demand for the weeks ahead. You can then set up a regular scheduled of deliveries with the supplier to meet your continue requirements.

What is the Storage Requirement for the Seafood?

The highest quality seafood is usually delicate. It means you need a precise storage system in place to ensure freshness for your patrons.

Discuss storage with your supplier so that your team is ready with the right equipment and temperature controls in place.

Source Fresh Seafood Near You with Our Delivery Team

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