What Are Blue Point Oysters?

Long Island oysters are often confused with the more localized Blue Point oysters. Many still believe the two are the same. But we’ll take a closer look at this question and explore what constitutes a Blue Point Oyster.

Let’s look at how Blue Point oysters got their name.

The Story Begins in 1903

In 1903 the New York Legislature took the time to create a literal legal definition for Blue Point oysters:

“No person shall sell or offer for sale, any oysters, or label or brand any packages containing oysters for shipment or sale under the name of blue point oysters, other than oysters which have been planted and cultivated at least three months in the waters of [the] Great South Bay.”

In the early 1900s, branding the oyster was important from a business perspective. Historic records from the time showed that locals ate more oysters than beef at that time. So, specifying your oysters were local and high-quality could mean significant profits.

Growing in New York May Change the Status

Some oyster sellers have also started to use the name Blue Point to refer to oysters that have developed from the seed at a hatchery in the Great South Bay. However, this seed might not have originated from the Great South Bay and might have simply been transported there. This is where it can become confusing for those who simply want access to the highest-quality Blue Point oysters.

Speak with Your Supplier Before Buying

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting Blue Point oysters that have spent their entire growth process in the Great South Bay is by speaking directly with your supplier. Make sure your supplier can trace the origin of their products and provides you with the highest-quality, fresh seafood.

Turn to FARM-2-MARKET for Guidance

Our team at FARM-2-MARKET is now offering the highest-quality, fresh Blue Point oysters from the Great South Bay. We can help guide you in selecting your seafood and in choosing ingredients for specific menu options.

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