Dungeness Crab -

Which Parts of the Dungeness Crab Are Edible?

Dungeness crabs are one of the most highly sought-after breeds, which are harvested on a large scale from the Pacific Ocean. These impressive crustaceans span up to 10 inches wide and can be transformed into a variety of delicious crab recipes or consumed in their whole form. However, if you plan on cooking whole Dungeness crabs, you will only be able to consume approximately 25% of the 2-3 pounds of crab on your plate.

If you are new to cooking Dungeness crab, our knowledgeable team at Farm-2-Market is happy to help guide you through our selection of cooked and live Dungeness crab for sale. Continue reading to learn which parts of the Dungeness crab are edible.

Edible Parts of the Dungeness Crab

The claws

Like the claws of lobsters and Alaskan king crabs, Dungeness crab claws are full of dense, flavorful muscle, and offer the largest morsels of crab meat. The claws are also relatively easy to crack open, making them a great starting point for those who are new to eating crab. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of cracking the crab shell open yourself, we offer fresh Dungeness crab meat, which we have removed from the shell for you. Crab lovers can also explore the variety of flavors across diverse breeds of crab with options such as our fresh Florida stone crab claws.

Crab legs

The best Dungeness crab legs are harvested in the winter, offering a larger quantity of meat within these thin shells. Crab legs are easy to separate from the remainder of the body and can be enjoyed fresh from a whole Dungeness crab, or purchased pre-cooked for quicker preparation and minimal effort.

The body

Removing meat from the body of the Dungeness crab is a far more difficult task than that of the claws or legs. However, if you are considering ordering from our excellent selection of live Dungeness crab for sale, we recommend challenging yourself and extracting all of the delicious, moist meat from the body with a few simple tools. You will need to first run the body underwater to clean the cavity and then you will have to use a hammer to break the shell open. Once you have opened the shell up entirely, look for the small morsels of white meat throughout the body of the crab.

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