Shrimp and Crawfish -

The Key Differences Between Shrimp and Crawfish

Live crawfish and shrimp have several similarities, that cause many people to mistake one crustacean for another. These two types of decapods have a similar appearance, identified by their chitin exoskeleton, multiple legs, antennae and crawling movement across sandy or muddy sea floors. There are, however, a few key differences that can make all the difference, especially if you are ordering live crawfish or shrimp to be shipped without assessing these crustaceans in person.

Here are a few things that distinguish shrimp from crawfish according to the seafood experts at Farm-2-Market.

Main Differences Between Shrimp and Crawfish

  • Origin

One of the key differences between shrimp and crawfish is their place of origin. While crawfish is primarily found in freshwater locations, shrimp is normally found in saltwater. Live crawfish can be found in many different forms including red crawfish, green signal crawfish and many others depending on the specific harvest location, which the live crawfish is shipped from.

  • Function

Shrimp have a reputation for being the cleaner of the two crustaceans as this species is responsible for cleaning fungi and other harmful bacteria from fish in saltwater regions. Crawfish do not serve this cleaning function, and are rather, active at night as this is a nocturnal species, which is frequently found in swamp areas.

  • Appearance

The most notable difference in the appearance of these two decapods is their size. While the average shrimp is no longer than 4 inches, the average crawfish is more substantial at a typical length of 8 inches. Crawfish also tend to be darker in color, often presenting a deep orange or brown hue, while shrimp are normally a soft orange color. Shrimps have long, tail-like abdomens, which allow for fast swimming, while the crawfish can be identified by its signature large claws, which shrimp do not have.

  • Taste

Live shrimp and crawfish can be shipped overnight from online fresh seafood marketplaces like Farm-2-Market for the most convenient way to purchase fresh seafood. Shoppers should, therefore, be aware of the differences in taste between these two crustaceans before ordering seafood online, to get the right products for the recipes, which this seafood is intended for. Crawfish can be described as a softer alternative to hard-shelled shrimp, boasting a crab-like taste with subtle notes of shrimp flavor.

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