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Ever read about those giant tuna that are bought in Japan for tens of thousands of dollars? We do Blue fin, Yellow eye and Big eye all depending what is the best quality and availability. Many fish are 600 pounds each, and are worth more than most automobiles. These fish are the Rolls-Royce of tuna. The flesh from these tuna is Chianti red with just a hint of blue. Ideal for sushi or sashimi styled presentations, the quality of this sushi-grade tuna will make even your favorite sushi chef drool. Very few of these sushi-grade tuna fish ever reach the US market, because American fish buyers will not match the prices paid in Japan.

Farm 2 Market has pre-purchased some of this delicacy for our customers. It will only be available from now till the end of the Fall. If Starkist is one end of the scale, these Tuna are on the other. This tuna is not for the budget conscious, but if you want to taste the finest sushi-grade tuna in the World, you are in for a real treat. Savor the Farm 2 Market difference and order now.

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