King Salmon Fillet with FREE Dozen Ca Miyagi Oysters per lb

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hese delightful King salmon will thrill your family and friends with their delicious rich flavor, delicate texture, and numerous health benefits. Researchers report the high level of Omega-3 oils found in Wild salmon will reduce cholesterol, eliminate depression and lower high blood pressure. The King is the largest and rarest of the Pacific varieties. The meat has a rosy pink color and a full complex flavor. This fish has the highest level of life-saving Omega oils.

With their deep red color and silky mouth feel, the hard working fishermen catch, land, and clean these King salmon one fish at a time. This fishery is completely sustainable. These “early wild salmon” feed on tiny shrimp called krill. Rich in all-natural Keratins, these krill produce the deep red/orange color A-Fish-ionados seek.

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