Live New England Homarus Lobster

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No seafood conveys luxury and indulgence more than live lobster. The very ritual of eating lobsters, cracking the shell and searching for elusive tiny treasures of meat, evokes an Epicurean sensuality to be shared only with friends and lovers. Historically this was not always the case. Colonists settling in New England viewed their abundant local lobster as a scourge. As late as the 1880's fishermen only used lobster as bait. Though there are hundreds of species, and in season F2M also sells the Live Pacific Spiny Lobster, many gourmands prefer our North American Homarus Americanus, which ranges from the northern Maritime provinces of Canada all the way down to the Carolina coast. There is very little waste in lobster. Delicately sweet and delicious white meat is located in the tail, arms and claws. Many consider the green "tomalley" which is actually the liver, and the coral red roe, to be the tastiest parts. Contrary to popular belief, sizes up to seven pounds are just as tender as smaller lobsters. Grocery stores have now installed tanks to market lobsters at seemingly attractive prices. High-volume supermarket chains negotiate tough prices from suppliers, who in turn provide inferior product known in the trade as "B-liners." These are not live lobsters as they have not seen the sea for weeks. Sitting on trucks, stored in sawdust or seaweed, they suffer biological stress effecting both their texture and flavor. Shells soften and the meat of these sad critters shrivels-up. Our product is received daily. Lobsters thrive in sophisticated live-holding systems, gaining strength until they are hand-selected for vigor and hard-shelled excellence. They may not be the lowest price, but they will definitely be of superior quality. 

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