Ruby Red Rainbow Trout Fillet

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The rainbow trout is a member of the salmon family of fishes and has the following characteristics: an elongate, laterally compressed body; a rounded snout, which becomes extended and the lower jaw turns up in breeding males; the back, upper sides and the top of the head are steel blue, blue-green, yellow-green to almost brown; the sides are silvery, white or pale yellow-green to grey, and marked with a pink blush to red band and many small black spots; the underside is silvery, white or grey to yellowish; the dorsal and caudal fins have radiating rows of black spots, while the remaining fins are buff with few spots; and stream dwelling and spawning brown trout display darker, more intense colors. Shipped daily, these delicious "Ruby Red Rainbow Trout" are produced naturally, and have a firm texture with a mild citrus flavor. Packed for overnight delivery moments after harvest, the only way to get fresher trout is to catch 'em yourself. whereas lake residents are lighter, brighter and more silvery.

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