Striped Bass Skin-On Fillet

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Striped bass is a flaky and relatively firm textured fish that has a mild but distinctive flavor that is highly prized. Bass, or sea bass, is one of two closely related species of fish that range from the Black Sea through the Mediterranean and out into the Atlantic from the westernmost point of Africa up to Norway. Freshly caught and cooked striped bass is a plentiful and flavorful meal, especially if it is accented with a side order of Island-grown veggies.

Twelve months per year, five days a week, our striper farm harvest nearly 15,000 pounds of fish from their ingenious round tanks. These "Hybrid Stripers" have a mild delicate flavor, and firm texture that can be grilled, baked, poached, steamed, sautéed or broiled. 

FARM 2 MARKET proudly ships these Stripers overnight to any kitchen in America. Quick-chilled, and processed for shipment within hours of harvest, they have a moistness and shine, instantly recognizable by seafood lovers as freshness beyond compare.

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