Enjoy a Delicious Teriyaki Salmon Recipe Tonight

Enjoy a Delicious Teriyaki Salmon Recipe Tonight

One of the great things about fresh seafood and salmon (besides being healthy) are the many ways it can be prepared and enjoyed. And while we pride ourselves on having the freshest fish and salmon you can buy; we also like to go that extra mile and provide you with recipes and tips to go along with your orders.

So, if you’re in the mood for salmon tonight, here is a great low-carb and healthy salmon recipe you can prepare.

What You Need to Cook Our Delicious Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

·       Marinade Ingredients

This recipe we are providing is simple and requires you to marinate your salmon with some soy sauce, rice, wine vinegar, and a little bit of avocado oil (if you have it… we hope you do!).

·       Whisking & Cooking

Be sure you thoroughly whisk all of these things together and let it sit for roughly 25-55 minutes. The key to this recipe is to cook it in the sauce once the salmon has browned in the marinade. If you cook it before the salmon has browned, you may not get the full flavor this recipe offers.

Cooking time should be approximately 12-15 minutes. If done properly, you should have a delicious and perfectly glazed piece of salmon.

·       Sides to Go with Your Salmon

Often, a very popular side to include with this recipe is rice. Now, depending on who your guests are, and their dietary restrictions, you may want to prepare something else. A great option is either steamed broccoli or cauliflower.

If you choose cauliflower, you can chop it up into small pieces and add some pepper, salt, and some herbs for added flavor. When cooking your chopped cauliflower, add some butter to your skillet or pan and cook until it is soft.

In case you’re looking for a quick and simple side that is still healthy and tasty, try a fresh green salad.

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