Five Important Tips for Preparing Fresh Salmon

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Five Important Tips for Preparing Fresh Salmon

Salmon is among the most flavorful, nutritionally dense seafood items that you can buy. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to prepare this fish properly, and it can easily lose its rich flavor and signature smooth texture if it is mishandled.

Before you buy salmon online from our impressive selection at Farm-2-Market, read the following five tips on how to prepare fresh salmon for optimal results.

Tips for Preparing Salmon

 1. Check for freshness

 There are three key ways to ensure your salmon is fresh: color, sheen, and smell. The fish should be free of any brown marks or other forms of discoloration. The skin should also appear shiny and smooth, with no holes or other abrasions. Finally, it is important to smell the fish to ensure it does not have an overly fishy aroma. At Farm-2-Market, we guarantee the highest quality seafood, shipping immediately once you buy our fresh salmon online.

 2. Leave the skin on

Leaving the skin on your salmon while cooking it will help contain the fish’s natural moisture and prevent it from cooking too quickly. If you plan on preparing a poached salmon recipe, however, the liquid will create enough of a barrier between the fish and the pan without the skin.

3. Choose a simple cooking method

Salmon is naturally packed with flavor, which means you can get away with a basic cooking method and still get an incredible result. One of the easiest ways to prepare salmon without risking flavor loss is to simply poach it in simmering water. You can find plenty of simple cooking techniques on our recipe page.

4. Get creative with barbequed salmon

 Cooking salmon on the barbeque is another simple cooking method that preserves all of the fish’s natural flavor while adding a delicious char. If you are new to cooking fresh salmon, this is a great way to play with flavors by adding various spices to the salmon’s skin before grilling it.

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