Five Things You May Not Know About Salmon

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Five Things You May Not Know About Salmon

Salmon is one of the most interesting species of fish in the sea, but many of us have never stopped to think about its many fascinating attributes! At Farm-2-Market, we pride ourselves on offering a fresh marketplace where you can order seafood online ranging from salmon to tuna and other fresh fish.

Continue reading to learn the top five most interesting facts about this vibrant species of fish.

Interesting Facts About Salmon

1.    Salmon can be found in both fresh and saltwater

Salmon are born in a freshwater environment where they may spend up to several years before traveling to the open sea to live until they are ready to return to freshwater to breed. It is rare for fish to be able to adapt to these different environments, however, salmon is one type of fresh seafood that can always be found near you.

2.    A salmon’s color changes three times in its lifetime

When the fish is firstborn, it is a light color that is covered in dark spots. Once the salmon migrates to open saltwater in its adult life, its skin transforms into a blue-silver color. Eventually, the salmon returns to freshwater where its body turns red and the head turns green.

3.    Salmon has a large impact on its environment

Salmon is regarded as a keystone species, which means its presence has a significant effect on the ecosystem which it occupies. Have you ever asked yourself, how does the fresh seafood near me affect my environment? The minerals found in salmon are not only important for consumption, but they also provide the nutrients needed for surrounding plants and animals to survive as their bodies decay in water, releasing important compounds.

4.    Live Salmon Doesn’t Have to Be Wild to Taste Delicious

Unless you’re a bonafide seafood lover or environmentalist, you might not be aware that much of the world’s salmon actually come from hatcheries. This doesn’t mean that it tastes any different. In fact, our delicious Loch Duarte Salmon is one of Farm-2-Market’s best-selling products. Since it’s grown in a controlled environment, it also offers a sustainable approach with reduced environmental impact.

5.    Threats have been increasing in recent years

With the advent of climate change, along with various diseases, overfishing, and changes in habitat, salmon could be in danger. Thankfully, The Alaska Department of Fish & Game is monitoring these concerning changes to ensure responsible seafood sourcing and long-term sustainability.

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