Seafood: A Simple, Fresh and Healthy Dinner Idea

Seafood Healthy Dinner Idea -

Seafood: A Simple, Fresh and Healthy Dinner Idea

Seafood is often misconstrued as an expensive, time-consuming dinner option which is normally reserved for special occasions. At Farm-2-Market, we offer a wide variety of seafood which can be prepared in less than five minutes, and cost far less than a serving of chicken or beef.

Are you looking to add some diversity to your arsenal of healthy dinner recipes? Continue reading to learn everything that the fresh seafood near you has to offer!

Benefits of Cooking with Seafood

1.    Easy to prepare

No matter what method of cooking you are most comfortable with and what appliances you have access to, you should be able to prepare your favorite seafood at home. Whether you are preparing crab, fresh fish, or shrimp, you have the flexibility to bake, grill, poach, or pan sear the seafood and simply add your favorite sauces/accompaniments. Additionally, seafood tends to take far less time to prepare than chicken, beef, pork, and other meats as it can be cooked at a high temperature for just a few minutes for optimal tenderness. No time to cook? No problem. We deliver delicious seafood items that are cooked to perfection like our cooked king crab legs!

2.    Nutritional benefits

One thing that all types of seafood have in common is an impressive nutritional profile! While white fish boasts a high protein content with minimal calories, shellfish offers a host of vitamins and minerals that support overall health maintenance. Additionally, seafood items such as salmon support brain function with omega-3 fatty acids that can not be found in many meat sources. For the highest grade of nutritionally dense seafood, it is always best to ask, where can I buy fresh seafood near me? We make this easy with overnight delivery from the world’s richest seafood regions.

3.    Flavor-packed recipe options

Seafood is not only nutritious, but it also offers a range of flavor profiles from mildly salty and briny oysters to sweet sea scallops. At Farm-2-Market, we source our seafood from some of the most sought-after regions in the world and deliver it to your door at the peak of freshness. Home cooks can, therefore, opt for simple recipes that showcase the natural flavors of the sea such as a crawfish boil or enjoy the versatility of items like our fresh halibut with fun recipe options like a halibut and fennel pie.

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