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Why You Should Order Your Seafood Online

With the rise of e-commerce in recent years, seafood suppliers have had the challenge of creating a safe, convenient way to deliver seafood directly to the customer’s door. Farm-2-Market has answered the call for an online fresh seafood marketplace by providing extensive product descriptions, recipes, and safe delivery methods for their products.

We have provided a few of the key reasons why seafood lovers are regularly ordering their seafood online.

Why People Are Switching to Online Seafood Shopping

Seafood straight from the source

Before online shopping, only the most dedicated seafood lovers or restaurateurs would make their way out to fishing warehouses, where they could purchase seafood directly from the source. This was unrealistic for the average consumer, depending largely on one’s proximity to these facilities. With online seafood orders, seafood enthusiasts have access to fresh seafood like never before. At Farm-2-Market, we deliver our seafood straight to your door.

A wide range of regional seafood

Whether you are looking for live New England lobster, Fort Bragg tuna, or California cultured caviar, online seafood markets have provided several diverse options for freshly sourced seafood. With detailed product descriptions and regional information, online shoppers have a better opportunity to discover new seafood products and learn how best to prepare them.

A convenient method for busy seafood lovers

To purchase the freshest seafood, shoppers often feel the need to go out of their way to visit nearby seafood markets, which are often restricted to inconvenient business hours. This makes it difficult for individuals with busy schedules to enjoy fresh seafood regularly. With overnight delivery, and an incredible array of options that shoppers will not find in their local seafood market, customers can simply drop their selections into an online shopping cart after reviewing in-depth product descriptions, and have these fresh seafood products delivered to their doorstep.

Seafood at the peak of freshness

Unlike in-person seafood markets, where fish and other seafood may sit out for a long period of time before it is purchased, online seafood markets like Farm-2-Market will only harvest your seafood selections once you have purchased them. This process results in an unmatched level of freshness.

Online shopping has changed the way that consumers experience fresh seafood. For more information on our delicious seafood options, or to order fresh seafood online, visit our website or call us today at 800-477-2967