Everything You Need to Know About Shellfish

Shellfish is one of the most decadent types of seafood available in fresh markets, boasting numerous health benefits and a variety of unique flavors. However, live shellfish come in many forms, contribute to your health in various ways and must be prepared carefully prior to consumption.

Here we have provided some of the key information that will help guide you next time you plan on ordering live shellfish from Farm-2-Market.

What You Should Know About Shellfish

  • Crustaceans and mollusks

The two major groups of shellfish to be aware of are crustaceans and mollusks. Crustaceans are most often served in their shell and include shrimp, lobster, and crab among other options. Conversely, mollusks are often removed from their shells, such as scallops and oysters. Both types of shellfish can be found in freshwater or saltwater and may vary in quality depending on the region in which it is harvested. At Farm-2-Market, we are dedicated to delivering the freshest seafood straight to your door, sourced from the finest live shellfish regions in North America.

  • Nutritional profile

Shellfish is a great source of lean protein and essential fatty acids. Shellfish is also full of important minerals such as zinc, vitamin B12, and magnesium, which greatly contribute to your overall health. Fresh seafood lovers can enjoy these nutritionally dense jewels of the sea for few calories, making live shellfish a great weight loss tool. Research also suggests that regular consumption of shellfish can contribute to a lower risk of heart disease and increased brain function.

  • Safe consumption

While shellfish is a healthy and delicious option for any meal, all seafood can be harmful if it is not sourced, stored and prepared properly. To avoid coming into contact with dangerous bacteria, it is essential to purchase your shellfish from a reputable seafood market. At Farm-2-Market, we ensure safe shipping methods and a high standard for food handling that will allow you to enjoy live shellfish selections like our California Miyagi oysters or our perfectly cooked King Crab legs. We do not, however, advise pregnant women or those who have shellfish allergies to consume our products.

  • Preparation

Shellfish is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in a multitude of ways. Explore unique recipes such as our Billie bi stew or our oysters Rockefeller recipe next time you order live shellfish from our fresh market.

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