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Shrimp and Scallops: Which Type of Seafood is For You?

Seafood enthusiasts are constantly debating which is the better type of seafood between shrimp and scallops. While some people enjoy both of these delicious seafood options, they vary greatly in their biological makeup, flavor profile, and texture, which can lead many people to favor one sea creature over the other.

Farm-2-Market specializes in a variety of fresh seafood including shrimp and scallops from diverse regions across North America. Whether you are on team shrimp, team scallops, or you do not discriminate between seafood, we have prepared a few pieces of information that you may be interested to know about shrimp and scallops.

 Differences Between Shrimp and Scallops

 Shrimp and scallops have different diets

 Like all fresh fish, much of the flavor comes from the oil, which is accumulated through the creature's diet and gets evenly distributed throughout the body. While shrimps live off of worms, plankton, and other shellfish, scallops consume small plants and animals to survive.


 Shrimp are classified as crustaceans and are therefore associated with lobsters, crabs, crawfish and the like. These creatures have a very different flavor and tend to have a tougher, more substantial texture when compared to the mollusk family, which scallops come from. Other mollusks include mussels, oysters and clams, and are normally prepared in smaller, less substantial portions than shrimp and other crustacean-based dishes.

 Shrimp and scallop recipes

When preparing shrimp or scallops, one must consider the difference in price points. While home cooks can purchase a large 3 lb portion of fresh wild Baja white shrimp for $87, our fresh giant sea scallops are slightly more expensive at $69 for a smaller, 2.5 lb portion. Sea scallops are, however, normally prepared using a smaller quantity of seafood in scallop-based recipes when compared to shrimp recipes. While shrimp can be seen as a slightly more versatile item with the option to serve it hot or cold, scallops are normally served hot.  However, both of these seafood items can be prepared using a variety of cooking methods.

Nutritional profile

Both shrimp and scallops offer a fabulous source of lean protein and few calories. Additionally, scallops contain a high level of important minerals such as magnesium and potassium, and shrimps boast a high amount of vitamin B12, which is essential to your heart health.

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