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5 Oyster Myths Debunked in Time for Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that oysters are a decadent choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Unfortunately, many oyster enthusiasts approach this fresh seafood with false information due to the numerous popular myths surrounding oyster consumption.

The experts at Farm-2-Market have teamed up with the FDA to debunk five popular myths that you may have heard about oysters.

5 Popular Oyster Myths and The Real Facts

1. The right toppings will kill harmful bacteria

From Olympia to Raspberry Point oysters, all of these delicious mollusks are subject to harmful bacteria if they are not selected and prepared carefully. Many seafood lovers are under the impression, however, that this problem can be solved simply by adding alcohol or other toppings to kill the bacteria. Unfortunately, no toppings can destroy bacteria the way that cooking temperatures do. When browsing oysters for sale, it is important to ensure the shells are not broken, and they close when tapped to avoid bacterial contamination.

2. Oysters are an aphrodisiac

One of the most common myths regarding oysters is that they are a natural aphrodisiac. This myth was formed due to the seafood's high level of zinc, which has been correlated with an increased sex drive, however, this has never been proven.

3. Bacteria only affects oysters in polluted areas

Contrary to the popular belief that water pollutants are the cause of bacteria in seafood, the harmful bacteria found in oysters forms due to the warm coastal temperature, in which oysters are normally harvested. Unlike pollution, this pathogen is not easily detectable by the senses.

4. Oysters harvested in the cold months are safe to consume

Oyster types such as British Columbia’s Fanny Bay and Evening Cove oysters can be harvested during the region's extended periods of cold weather. There has, however, been little evidence to support the theory that cold-weather oysters are less vulnerable to Vibrio vulnificus bacteria.

5. Cooking oysters until they open will ensure their safety

When cooking oysters on a barbeque, many people believe that they will be safe to eat as soon as the shell has popped open. It is important however to allow a few additional minutes for harmful bacteria to be destroyed.

Farm-2-Market Has What You Need

With the right information, seafood enthusiasts can safely prepare a delicious, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with the wide range of fresh oysters for sale at Farm-2-Market. Call us today at 800-477-2967 or browse our website for delicious oyster recipes!