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FAQ for Blue Point Oysters

Oysters of all kinds are frequently eaten fresh and require specific tools and techniques to prepare. This can be intimidating for the average home chef, which is why we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding everything you need to know about our blue point oysters.


Continue reading for a blue point oyster FAQ summary, which our seafood experts at Farm-2-Market have put together.

When can I eat blue point oysters?

There is a popular myth that oysters should only be consumed from April to September to ensure freshness. Although certain species of oysters can only be harvested during a specific season such as Vancouver Island’s Fanny Bay oysters, blue points are farmed in Connecticut and can be purchased fresh year-round. At Farm-2-Market, we will ensure freshness with premium refrigeration techniques and overnight shipping at any time of the year.

How many blue point oysters should I buy?

While options such as Southern California’s blonde oysters are fairly small in size and may require a larger order to satisfy your dinner guests, blue point oysters grow to a sizable 3-4 inches. Oyster recipes greatly vary, and options such as our hearty oyster stew recipe will require a large order of 60 oysters to achieve. However, if you are serving blue point oysters on the half shell, you will likely not need more than six oysters per person to satisfy your group. These Long Island gems are shipped in 5 dozen, 10 dozen and 15 dozen portions.

What do blue point oysters taste like?

Blue Point oysters boast a briny, mildly salty flavor with a firm, meaty texture. These oysters are widely enjoyed across North America as one of the most highly sought after species of oyster.

How do I shuck my oysters?

Whether you order our sunset beach, evening cove or blue point oysters, shucking oysters for the first time can be intimidating. The most important thing to remember is not to attempt shucking your oysters without a proper shucking knife. With this small, sharp tool you will be able to drive the knife into the hinge of the oyster, twist it to open the shell and then gently lift upwards to remove it. Oysters should never be consumed if they are already open upon purchase.

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