A Guide to Different Types of Delicious Salmon

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A Guide to Different Types of Delicious Salmon

Here is an overview of some of the delicious types of fresh salmon you can find and shop at FARM-2-MARKET. See which might be right for you, and where you can catch and find these amazing fishes.

  • Wild Sockeye Salmon

You’ve mostly seen this type of salmon in clips where Grizzly Bears are eating them during their yearly river journey. The longest of the salmons in North America, Sockeye salmon offers rich and fatty meat and is extremely popular in restaurants worldwide. 

These salmon can be located in Washington all the way up to Alaska and can also be caught in all the major Great Lakes across Canada and America, excluding Lake Superior.

Our FARM-2-MARKET team offers Wild Sockeye Salmon in 2-, 3-, and 5-pound servings starting at the affordable price of $62.00.

  • King Salmon

Also referred to as Chinook Salmon, this salmon is the heaviest and the biggest salmon in the world. They can grow up to 5 feet in length and have scaled in at over 100 pounds! Apart from being the biggest, they are the most common salmon type you can find in North America. You can catch them up in Alaska all the way down to Southern California. They can also be found across all the major Great Lakes.

FARM-2-MARKET is proud to offer King Salmon fillets ranging from 3-,4-, and 5-pounds, starting at $100.00 (this includes a dozen free Miyagi Oysters per pound).

  • Atlantic Salmon

FARM-2-MARKET offers Atlantic Salmon fillet that are cut into roughly 5-6 oz portions for $90.65 (per freezer pack). These fillet freezer packs will arrive vacuum sealed and include two portions in each bag. This delicious salmon pack, like with all our fish and other products, can be delivered overnight.

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While we didn’t get to highlight them, at FARM-2-MARKET we are also proud to carry Loch Duarte Salmon (starting at 2lbs. for $60) and an amazing Smoked Salmon Sampler (starting at $49.95 for 1.25lbs. To shop never frozen and fresh meat, seafood, and fish, please contact us today for more information and to create your account!