Tips for Eating Crawfish -

Should You Be Sucking Your Crawfish?

Crawfish is an integral part of Cajun cuisine, boasting a sweet, decadent flavor. Now that seafood lovers have the option to ship these rare gems to their doorstep with the year-round supply of live crawfish for sale at Farm-2-Market, the proper way to consume these sea creatures has become a topic of serious debate. While many crawfish connoisseurs are adamant that sucking the meat out of the entire shell is the best way to enjoy this delicious crustacean, some people do not believe in eating the meat located in the head.

Whether you’re hosting a traditional Southern dinner party and you plan on preparing a fresh crawfish boil for your guests, or you are simply looking for live crawfish for sale near you, our team has provided some useful information to help you make the most out of your crawfish.

Tips for Eating Crawfish

Don’t shy away from the head

There is a common misconception that crawfish, lobsters and other crustaceans have unsightly brains in their head that should be avoided when removing meat from the shell. While the majority of the meat in your crawfish will be found in the tail, the head contains even more moist, flavorful contents. By sucking the meat out of the head after consuming the contents of the tail, you will be able to experience the unique flavor profile of different breeds of crawfish such as green signal crawfish and red crawfish.

Compliment the hepatopancreas with spices

All live crawfish contain an organ called the hepatopancreas, which can be treated as a small delicacy. This fatty substance is full of flavor, and pairs nicely with a wide range of spices including paprika, cayenne pepper, and various fresh herbs. Other crustaceans such as lobster also contain this internal organ (referred to as tomalley) and can be approached with a similar cooking method.

Suck the crawfish head slowly

A big mistake that many crawfish lovers make is attempting to suck the contents of the head out too quickly. If you have included spices in your crawfish recipe, you may wind up breathing in a large number of spices at once, which will irritate your throat and take away from the flavor of the crawfish. By pinching the head and slowly sucking the crawfish meat out, you will avoid losing any of the delicious juices and flavors.

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