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Whether you are having a quiet Christmas with your significant other, or you are looking for a lobster recipe to break up all the heavy meals during the holidays, lobster is a great option for a dinner for two during the festive season. Armed with our delicious lobster boil recipe, our team at Farm-2-Market is excited to share a few of our best tips for creating the perfect holiday dinner for two. Choose your lobster carefully There are many delicious options for lobster such as Pacific spiny and New England lobster. it is important to do your research and pick...

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Lobster is well known for being a luxurious dinner option, normally reserved for special occasions. What better way is there to show your significant other how special they are to you than by preparing a beautiful lobster dish this Valentine’s Day? The fresh seafood lovers at Farm-2-Market have explained four ways that lobster could make your Valentine’s Day dinner special for you and your partner. A shareable dish One of the most romantic attributes of lobster is that it is meant to be shared. When served on a large platter in the center of the table, you and your partner...

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