4 Reasons to Prepare a Lobster Dinner This Valentine’s Day

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4 Reasons to Prepare a Lobster Dinner This Valentine’s Day

Lobster is well known for being a luxurious dinner option, normally reserved for special occasions. What better way is there to show your significant other how special they are to you than by preparing a beautiful lobster dish this Valentine’s Day?

The fresh seafood lovers at Farm-2-Market have explained four ways that lobster could make your Valentine’s Day dinner special for you and your partner.

  1. A shareable dish

One of the most romantic attributes of lobster is that it is meant to be shared. When served on a large platter in the center of the table, you and your partner can connect by enjoying this meal together. Couples can also enjoy this meal by breaking it apart by hand, making it a fun and luxurious activity for partners to enjoy.

  1. A chance to show effort

Fresh seafood can be enjoyed at a nearby restaurant as a special Valentine’s Day treat, however preparing a lobster dinner at home is a learning curve for many, making it a great way to show your partner how much you care. Whether you prepare the lobster by simply boiling it and serving it with melted butter, or you opt for a more complex dish such as stuffed lobster, cooking a fresh seafood dish will show your partner that you are willing to put in the effort for a romantic meal. Avoid the busy restaurants this Valentine’s Day, and impress your significant other with a delicious, fresh lobster recipe.

  1. Fresh seafood as an aphrodisiac

Oysters are famously regarded as aphrodisiacs due to their high level of zinc, however, scientists have also found research to support the aphrodisiac capabilities of lobster. The combination of magnesium and lean protein in this fresh seafood will make you want to be near your partner, romancing them all day.

  1. Lobsters mate for life

If you are what you eat, then a lobster dinner may set you and your partner up for lifelong love. These sea creatures mate for life, which has led to the lobster's reputation as one of the more romantic seafood choices. Preparing a lobster dish for your partner could be the perfect way to show someone how happy you are to be with them this Valentine’s Day.

If you are considering preparing a romantic lobster dinner this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Farm-2-Market for fresh, nearby seafood. Call us today at 800-477-2967 or visit our website for more information!