Crawfish and Crayfish -

What is the Difference Between Crawfish and Crayfish?

Crawfish is a popular seafood item, which is widely celebrated in the Southern states with hearty boils and traditional gumbo recipes. These small, lobster-like crustaceans can cause some confusion among seafood lovers as they go by several different names. Although the terms crawfish and crayfish refer to the same animal, they should not necessarily be used interchangeably.

Show off your seafood knowledge during your next visit to a fresh seafood market or Cajun-style restaurant with the following distinctions between popular terms, “crawfish” and “crayfish”.

Key Differences Between Crawfish and Crayfish

What is crawfish?

Crawfish is a type of small crustacean, which holds a similar appearance to lobster. Live crawfish can be found in shallow, freshwater areas such as streams and shorelines across North America, Asia and Europe. At Farm-2-Market, seafood lovers no longer need to search for nearby live crawfish for sale, as we source fresh crawfish from all over North America, and ship it straight to your doorstep.

“Crawfish” is an American spelling of the word, inspired by the pronunciation in the Southern states of the U.S. Our live Pacific green signal crawfish and red crawfish are highly sought-after options, which are found in the shallow waters of California and Louisiana.

When should you refer to it as crayfish?

The word “crayfish” is now seen as more of a technical term to describe this delicious crustacean. Due to its deep roots in Cajun-style cuisine, most chefs have adopted the American spelling of the word to describe this high-quality seafood item in a culinary context. However, the term “crayfish” is still widely used in the scientific community. If you are looking to order this crustacean for cooking, it will be helpful to search for “live crawfish for sale near me” to find fresh seafood, which is safe for consumption.

What is an alternative to crawfish?

If you are preparing a seafood recipe and you do not have live crawfish on hand, a popular alternative to this crustacean is lobster. While lobster is much larger than crawfish, it boasts a similar flavor and texture, and can be used in moderation in crawfish recipes. At Farm-2-Market however, customers can enjoy overnight shipping of crawfish and other crustaceans so that you are never at a loss for fresh seafood.

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